We got Involved

Little Owls is central to the local community and has received much support from both parents and local people alike. We are very grateful to the following people/organisations who have contributed to making Little Owls the success it is today:

Haslingfield Parish Council have recently given us an extremely generous grant, and provide ongoing support.

Harlton Parish Council have provided consistent and generous support to our preschool.

Haslingfield United Charities provided a generous donation which has enabled us to buy much needed new equipment.

Haslingfield and Harlton Church and Village magazine have made a very kind recent donation.

Cooke Curtis and Co have recently given us a generous grant towards improvements to our garden.

Offord and Camp Builders very kindly provided us with our wonderful outdoor sandpit and have carried out other ground works.

Ruth Tate (Rebecca Ruth Photography and parent) for taking the fantastic photos used on this website and elsewhere.

Laura Waldoch for helping set up this website.

Ophelia Redpath for the design and production of our beautiful Little Owls drawing. Many thanks to Ophelia for raising funds for us from  her wonderful Art Exhibition and Meal at the end of last year.

Cora McKeown for holding a Forever Living Aloe Vera evening in aid of Little Owls and for donating some products for the raffle.

Special thanks to Emma Buck, Julie Coxall, Craig Coghill, Rachel Thaxter and Julia & Richard Cottam and everyone else who has been involved in helping Little Owls. We are so grateful for your support and really appreciate you offering your time, resources and help.