Snacks, Drinks and Lunch


Children are provided with healthy snacks, water and milk, whilst taking account of individual ethical or medical requirements. We involve the Little Owls in the preparation of snacks, and encourage them to learn about healthy eating, food hygiene, and safety when using tools such as knives. The setting makes snacks and meals a social time at which children and adults eat together.

We ask each parent/carer to donate a fresh vegetable or piece of fruit each day, which are then prepared by the children for their snacks.

We request that each child brings their own container of water (with their name on) and we encourage them to drink their water on a regular basis. We provide water for children when needed.

Little Owls is a nut and kiwi free zone and we request that no child brings any foods to nursery that contain nuts or kiwi.

Children are encouraged to join in cooking activities and discuss healthy eating and food hygiene. They often make bread, porridge and other healthy snacks. They are also offered the opportunity to help grow fruit and vegetables in our garden.



Children and adults all enjoy sitting together during Lunch Club. Your child will need a packed lunch, stored in a named lunch box or bag. During this time we talk a lot about different foods, healthy eating, different types of food and why they are important. We celebrate when children to try new foods and relate learning to like different food is like learning to do lots of other skills in life. We use the phrase ‘I’m not sure yet’ rather than ‘’I don’t like it’. We strongly encourage parents to provide their child with a healthy, balanced lunch. The NHS Change4Life website gives lots of information and ideas about this.